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a hotel at a ski resort

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The Angel Hotel has created its own Alpine haven in the courtyard with the creation of their ski lodge.
London, December 21 ( ANI ): Brooke Shields' former ski lodge in Idaho has been listed for 4.
Crashing into their smug faces would have been more satisfying, but considering my skill level, I probably would have missed and instead flattened myself on the wall of the ski lodge.
1- Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will meet over a working breakfast at Dedeman Palandoken Ski Lodge Hotel in the eastern province of Erzurum.
My daughter and I came up with the idea 10 years ago, sitting at a ski lodge just goofing around.
30am as he travelled towards a ski lodge at Mount Olympus on July 2, 2006.
Avoid the expensive restaurants and head to Pub Le Ski Lodge which looks just like one of our classic British boozers, and you can grab a burger for just pounds 8.
Nana Simopoulos and Caryn Heilman gutted the former ski lodge to its 1880s bones and went totally green in the renovation, from the nontoxic clay coating the walls to the stylish recycled glass countertops and hand-tufted New Zealand wool carpet.
In November, patrons will be able to exit the 90-minute experience through the Minus 5 Lodge, which is an Antarctic-style bar that looks like a ski lodge in the middle of the North Pole.
La Farandole is a contemporary ski lodge opposite the glaciers in the Ecrins National Park, 150 metres from the Deux Alpes ski slopes.
It was early morning, and more than 100 people were mustering at a ski lodge perched high above Lake Tahoe.
Daily and annual ($50) Terwilliger passes can be purchased from the Hoodoo Recreation Services attendants on-site, at Patio RV Park in McKenzie Bridge, at the Campstore at Hoodoo Ski Lodge and at Umbrella Properties in Coburg.
By loose interpretation of trainers' comments last week, it seems that, early doors, we should be looking for a horse whose yard is in a global warming blackspot; that has ``wintered well'' (in a ski lodge in St Moritz, perhaps) and, like most racegoers, has ``come in its coat''; that won't necessarily ``come on a lot for the run''; one for whom this isn't ``very much a trial''; and one whose trainer needs the cash a lot more urgently than the ones who believe ``it's a long season''.
Any sparks that fly won't be confined to ski lodge fireplaces - the club for active adults has seen scores of marriages among members over the years.
For those serving in the Pacific theater, don't despair, Japan and New Zealand offer great ski locations such as Misawa Air Base's Land Ski Lodge, or the Craigieburn Valley Ski Area located 1.