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a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill

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It said that a site visit to Malam Jabba will confirm that the construction and ski lift is in the same area (12 acres) as before.
At no point did I see anyone being told to remove their rucksacks" Mrs Pittocho said Kieran had boarded the ski lift ahead of her and she was unaware of any problem until the lift stopped and a siren went off.
com/articles/153431/Bulgarian+Govt+Oks+Controversial+Ski+Lift+in+Bansko" target="_blank">Protesters are angry at the government for protracting its decision on the matter even though deputy PM Daniela Bobeva met with representatives of the tourist sector from Bansko, Razlog and Dobrinishte in September and stated that the government firmly supports the construction of a new ski lift.
The motive to make the ski lift a popular attraction is to help those interested in such sports to pursue their passion.
Although the terrified boy screamed for help, the ski lift controller, who has since been dismissed, didn't stop the lift.
And anyone afraid of lifts, cable cars or heights in general will understand the fear that often comes when you are on a ski lift and, for no apparent reason, it just grinds to a halt.
He had been stuck 30ft off the ground for six hours after the ski lift was switched off at dusk in Hochzillertal, Austria.
The incident occurred at a ski lift in Bulgaria's resort of Borovets.
The package price of $2,762, based on double occupancy, will also include transportation from Steamboat/Hayden Airport to and from the hotel, six nights of deluxe hotel accommodations, breakfast from Monday thru Friday, a welcoming reception as well as six ski lift tickets per room.
Ninety skiers were left dangling in mid-air - some for nearly 12 hours - after a ski lift broke down in central Japan, police said yesterday.
2) At the Village at Mammoth, visitors can eat, sleep and walk to the ski lift without ever getting into their cars.
He was at 7,000ft on a ski lift when he heard a loud pop - and his hearing returned to normal.
Marie and Greater Sudbury have both lost their major ski attractions to a too-expensive-to-replace ski lift.
Andy Bowman (left) works at Willamette Pass to help assemble six-passenger chairs for the high-speed, detachable ski lift.