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a steep downward ramp from which skiers jump

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jump on skis

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Smith, whos been coaching at Norge for 30 years, traces the clubs recent success to 2004, when it paid $1 for a 72-meter ski jump previously owned by the city of Ely, Minnesota.
This notice provides the grant under management for the public opening of the plant of Nordic skiing, ski jumps of the school at the Olympic stadium jumping, facilities for alpine skiing and recreation area called the former camp ~ .
The ski jumps were built in preparation for the 25th Winter Universiade, which took place in 2011.
The show is broadcasting live over nine days from Austria starting today, with the bottom two competitors taking their chances on the live ski jump each night.
See Christa Case Bryant, "Why women can't ski jump in the Winter Olympics" The Christian Science Monitor (11 November 2009), online: CSMonitor.
Therefore, to have a 'men's only' sign on the ski jumps would be discriminatory and contrary to Canada's own human right's act.
Kenyon talks about early ski jumps in Central Massachusetts during a program at the Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster.
If he does jump for England one day he will certainly continue to be trained on the local French ski jumps here in Samo'ns, but also in the Les Contamines Montjoie, Chamonix and at les Rousses in the Jura," explained Sally.
Eddie Edwards, who is now studying law at De Montford University, Leicester, will perform some of the ski jumps in the film and tell of the difficulties he faced.
Meanwhile 38-year-old Edwards, now studying for a law degree at De Montford University, Leicester, will perform some of the ski jumps in the film - in effect being the stuntman.
When Anders Johnson says he's going to sneak in a few ski jumps, he might really mean sneak.
Salt Lake Organizing Committee president Mitt Romney said budget cuts - including $5 million from funds to operate ski jumps, bobsled and luge runs and a speedskating track before the start of the 2002 Winter Games - were painful reminders of the worst corruption case in Olympic history.
SWA, in collaboration with Space Group architects of Seoul, pursued an aggressively compact solution that sculpted the K125 and K98 ski jumps with minimal grading, married a Biathlon stadium with a pre-existing Biathlon shooting range, and fit a Cross Country stadium between the two.
The ski jumps, built in the eastern Anatolian city of Erzurum for the 25th Winter Universiade in 2011, collapsed in a landslide on Tuesday.
Wearing his trademark thick spectacles under his ski goggles, Eddie - real name Michael Edwards - represented Great Britain in both the 70-metre and 90-metre ski jumps.