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a close-fitting woolen cap

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He was wearing a black knitted ski cap and a dark-coloured suit-style jacket, while his victim had pinned-up brown hair and was wearing a black woollen jacket and black trousers.
As for clothing, you can't go wrong wearing all black, from ski cap to Dr.
Other items included the knitted wool cap, poplin ski cap, wool sweater with button-up neck, wool ski pants for very cold conditions, and pop1in pants for warmer weather.
In normal epiboly, "cells spread over the yolk much like pulling a ski cap down over your head to your neck," says Kane.
a man dressed in black, from the ski cap on his head to his terrorist printed shirt, long trench coat and combat boots, burst into the lecture hall spraying bullets everywhere.
The robber, a white man estimated at 20 to 30 years old who wore a ski cap and glasses during the 5:30 p.
Maybe there was more going on under his woolly ski cap in the French Alps the other day, when he and Posh made up, than any of us realised.
Mike Diaz pitched with cotton in his ears and covered them with a ski cap when he was on the bench, but those were the only signs of an ear infection that had bothered him all week.
8ins gunman was aged about 25 and wore a brown ski cap with ear flaps and string fasteners.
A man wearing a black ski cap pulled over his face walked into the restaurant at 40th and Main streets around 10:50 p.
Two suspects pulled their shirts over their faces and the third put on a ski cap as they got out of the van, he said.
One of the would-be thieves, wearing a ski cap and armed with a handgun, dived for safety when he saw Eamonn better armed.
It was a 95 percent chance that we would not get the tickets," said Caitlin, nodding her head, nearly immobilized by her puffy jacket and ski cap.
came back out for the second half wearing black warm-ups with a matching black-and-yellow ski cap - ear flaps turned jauntily up to reveal gleaming earrings.
When they arrived for Monday's workout, each clubhouse chair had a red ski cap with the Angels' logo on it.