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a stiff boot that is fastened to a ski with a ski binding

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com)-- Apex Ski Boots offer a significant improvement to boot technology that has broadly lagged behind the massive improvements in ski equipment.
The purpose of the study was to simulate skiing conditions in the laboratory and to analyse flexion in a ski boot, ankle and knee joints for a skier with a special above-knee prosthesis for alpine skiing.
It is crafted for the skin-tight environment of track spikes, or the highly formed cycling shoe, ski boots, and skates--there is no compression sock thinner than the Pulse.
The next stage implies choosing the type of ski boot that corresponds to the shape of the scanned foot figure 6 (*** c, 2009).
The group that trained with ski boots had significantly increased knee joint stiffness (56%) on slow perturbation.
pairs) (US$'000) Year Rubber Rubber Total ski boot sport shoes 1995 22,005,829 26,316,899 48,322,728 1,018,130 616,470 1,634,600 1996 18,805,272 24,158,614 42,963,886 1,035,330 780,584 1,815,914 1997 13,212,557 27,897,948 41,110,505 747,606 534,497 1,282,103 1998 14,488,624 14,083,851 28,572,475 574,723 396,789 971,512 1999 16,944,605 11,294,585 28,239,190 784,530 195,773 980,303
Now come skates with a single row of wheels (instead of two side-by-side pairs) beneath what looks like a ski boot.
Christy Sports' expert boot fitters begin the process of customizing a ski boot by first conducting an interview with the customer to assess their skill level, needs and the nuances of their feet, ankles and lower legs.
Apex founder Denny Hanson never met a ski boot he liked, so he set out to create his own.
A renewably-sourced thermoplastic elastomer is being used in a new ski boot from Saloman.
5 liters per second courses through the tube (two liters per second for the ski boot accessory that snakes deep into the soggy footwear), ensuring that your favorite--or only--pair of boots will be bone-dry for everything from a second run down the mountain to another back-breaking shoveling session.
Four living hinges hold the side supports in place like the fittings on a ski boot and enable the orthosis to conform to any leg size or shape.
DEFECTIVE ski boot bindings may have caused F1 legend Michael's Schumacher's horrific accident, it was claimed last night.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-16 May 2002-Amer Group's Atomic relocates Austrian ski boot operations (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.