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having an oblique or slanting direction or position


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Main issues of skew effects on squirrel cage induction machine have been already discussed at global scale in common literature [11]-[16] but a discussion on skewed rotor with an intermediate ring remains absent yet.
If the input image is skewed, the algorithm will most likely end up connecting lines or joining different columns of text.
Research and document the current practices, guidance, and related information related to Highly Skewed deck girder bridges.
The total experience was so skewed that if all of the stores had the same number of employees, the worst 20 percent of the stores suffered just about the same number of lost-time injuries as did the other 80 percent.
Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life is an irreverent companion to everyday frustrations follies and fears from visiting the post office to obsessively worrying over the safety of children and grandchildren.
The results may have been further skewed by response bias, since it's plausible that hospitals seeing a lot of meth users would be more likely to participate.
As cartons enter the LPS system, they are driven to one side by a series of skewed rollers.
The storage industry demonstrates a consistent and heavily skewed economic model where less than ten vendors normally generate more than 75% of the revenue in almost any storage segment.
Based on ACPA's 1999 survey of state Departments of Transportation (DOT) concrete pavement practices, only 12 out of the 50 state's DOT have skewed joint details in their standard plans and specifications.
A customer recently asked, "We're seeing an increase in the number of skewed die during our flip chip assembly process--what could be causing this problem and how do we correct it?
This diagonal gesture sets up the skewed orientation of the tower and prompts the rotation which differentiates it from the conventionally orientated perimeter.
One suggested hypothesis was that masculinizing compounds in the effluent were affecting gonadal differentiation of the embryos, resulting in skewed sex ratios.
The distribution of points scored by their number 1 scorer Michael Jordan showed a basis Gaussian pattern which is significantly skewed to the right (coefficient of skewness .
Then in the junior and senior years, we would expect the curve to be negatively skewed, with more students receiving somewhat higher grades.