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someone who draws sketches

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an implement for sketching

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Also it was a great chance to improve my talent as a sketcher by working with a talented team, and it gave me a great opportunity to discover more of the city which I live in," she added.
Matthew is an urban sketcher, he works in pen, ink and sketches then works in watercolour.
Questions vary from the celebrity sketcher who paints topical stories, to exclusive clips from favourite TV shows asking questions in the context of their own show.
By Erika Hayasaki NEW YORKCoThe F train howls to a stop, and the subway sketcher boards a front car, its windows clouded with white spray paint, its benches filled with characters.
The Sketcher program, used to create Petri Nets and implement it into programmable automat, is introduced furthermore.
And come January, Sonic will celebrate its 50th birthday with new Sonic Sketcher skate shoes.
The new 3-D sketcher can be used to create pipes, tubes, and wires as well as free-form shapes such as lofts and sweeps.
Also, SolidWorks has extended the concept of a parametric 2D sketcher and developed a 3D sketcher, which can be used to create pipes, tubes, and wires, in addition to free-form shapes like lofts and sweeps.
He was a very humorous sketcher and one of the first humorous sketches of the troops in the trenches which appeared in Punch he sketched an addition to it and sent it to the editor of Punch; who sent him an autographed letter in reply, complimenting him on his skill, which Bob prized more highly than anything he possessed.
The enigmatic illustrator, known as The Daily Sketcher, draws humorous and thoughtprovoking pictures on Post-it Notes before leaving them on Merseyrail trains.
You can browse through their exquisite collection of branded shoes such as Iron Fist, Sketcher Shoes, Bronx, Fly London Shoes and more.
It has exquisite design in a type of car that can, if the original sketcher is not careful, have all the allure and aerodynamics of a greenhouse.
With Pro/TOOLKIT, users gain access to all Pro/ENGINEER functions, including feature creation, sketcher capabilities, and manufacturing applications.
VAN GANG: The winning parts team from F&G Commercials (left to right) Edgar Kokans, Dave Greenwood, Rod Watson, Martyn Sketcher, Mick Booth, Brian Nobel, Patrick Nelson, Alan Kitching, Graham Whittingham
However, shares of Manhattan Beach, California-based Sketcher jump 20 cents to 2.