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a book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn

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The sketchbook and diary,' continues Nakpil, 'are an engrossing look not only in the mind of Juan Luna and what interested him-he had an engineer's scientific mind in his dissection of even the most ordinary kitchen equipment-but also of that time in our nation's first days leading to its struggle for independence.
Thomas Bewick: The Sketchbook 1792-99, is published by London antiquarian booksellers Jarndyce at PS85 in a limited edition of 200 copies, and has been designed by another prominent Bewick authority, Iain Bain.
Nigel said: "This is the only sketchbook which has survived and may be the only one Bewick used.
Century 21 American Sketchbook said Baird and Warner provides brokers with resources like advanced marketing and digital tools that increase service capabilities.
Fill your sketchbook with pages that will trigger your creativity and ideas.
When students encounter a 'sticking point' in their projects, a comprehensive sketchbook permits instructors to revisit previous work and suggest alternative or new routes for design exploration.
In 2000, Mervyn Duffy saw for the first time Verguet's sketchbook when on a visit to the Marist archives in Rome.
It is particularly significant that the gallery where Sketchbook was held, in January 2013, is located inside Karachi's oldest art school where students could benefit from viewing works of the 47 artists that the curator had chosen to display.
Though not as flexible as the Sketchbook Express, it allows you to draw lines with a Pen, color with a highlighter and even change the width of the highlighter or pen, and comes with a handy eraser.
That said, the majority don't break the two minute mark, continuing the idea of Pulco albums as sketchbooks.
Dobry defers to Picasso when asked about his body of work on Venus; "Picasso once said that an artist's sketchbook is his diary.
The passage was written in a sketchbook but had previously been regarded as an exercise or a sketch for another piece.
Holmfirth artist Ashley Jackson has collated a series of his drawings, watercolours and sketches into a unique book entitled My Yorkshire Sketchbook.
They will be mentioned alongside international up-and-coming artists in Sketchbook, which has re-hit the inter-webs to become a unique platform for the world's youth, especially Arabs.
But it is primarily the art student who will gain much from this well laid out text and hopefully they will follow the advice of the author in developing a sketchbook 'habit that lasts a lifetime'.