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a map drawn from observation (rather than from exact measurements) and representing the main features of an area

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Each map designated as such is attributed to its maker (unlike the sketch maps and diagrams) (Fig.
This paper addresses this issue in the light of discussion about the Tara-Waragal, who were part of the Aboriginal delegation from Coranderrk that attended the Governor's levee or reception in Melbourne in 1863, and research into the sketch maps (found in the RB Smyth Papers) drawn by William Thomas from information derived from an east Kulin Aboriginal man named Kurburra, which may refer to a patriline named Tarrarwarra.
As usual, he gathered sketch maps from Hudson's Bay Company factors and Dene guides who were knowledgeable of the way north.
Furthermore, the sketch maps traditionally used in an ABCD approach usually are sufficient to generate discussions about how people can organize around their existing assets, which is the goal of the process--not the generation of a sophisticated map.
Communicating with the French troops has been a challenge at times, but we've got by with a few words of French and lots of hand signals and sketch maps.
The children sketch maps of Palestine, draw pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque and paint on pottery jars with the colors of the Palestinian flag.
The book contains sketch maps, access details and a list of the species that are likely to be encountered.
7) First, we had students draw sketch maps of their initial spatial understandings, drawing the study area relative to some accepted landmark.
It has attractive sketch maps showing the route of his travels, and there are many delightful sketches of incidents and scenes along the way.
For example, on two sketch maps from about 1506--which were once attributed to Columbus's brother Bartholomew but are now believed to be by Venetian scholar Alessandro Zorzi--several locations from the fourth voyage are situated in eastern Asia.
The descriptions and the sketch maps are available in the ministry.
Whereas trial narratives create the context for sketch maps, for Siberia the rich associated writings by Semen Ul'ianovich Remezov provide a Rosetta Stone for the several dozen general and a few hundred more particular regional maps of Siberia.
Taking advantage of our glorious countryside with its rich history he has come up with 20 circular walks, illustrated them with photos and sketch maps keyed to the text, tells you where to park, where to eat and marked out all the points of interest.
In fact, some instructors have indicated that having students draw a sketch map of the world in class is an excellent method to begin a discussion of the common errors found in the sketch maps, such as primacy, centrality, size, and knowledge or familiarity, and why these errors occur (Stetter and Ayotte, 2003).
The educational upside, though, is that the discussion of each region offers an overview, with sketch maps, of the geographical and geological relations among localities: the reader's grand tour of the Carpathian arc is a thorough and erudite one, with a specialist author for each country.