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a map drawn from observation (rather than from exact measurements) and representing the main features of an area

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A literature search was conducted to identify peer-reviewed scholarly journal publications where fear of crime was studied through the integration of sketch maps in GIS.
Kolbe (2003) replaces sketch maps with real-world images and proposes two complementary approaches for the integration of these images with location-specific information, both of which can be implemented on current generation PDAs and next generation cellular phones.
The subjects participating in this study were not aware of the nature of the experimental task before they were asked to perform it and had no special training on how to draw sketch maps.
In this project, Landsat imagery was combined with local sketch maps of household territory to delineate the boundaries of the reserve.
The engineering drawings yielded the smallest error, but the collection of sketch maps also yielded a low error, and the 1:24,000-scale 7.
Each map designated as such is attributed to its maker (unlike the sketch maps and diagrams) (Fig.
This paper addresses this issue in the light of discussion about the Tara-Waragal, who were part of the Aboriginal delegation from Coranderrk that attended the Governor's levee or reception in Melbourne in 1863, and research into the sketch maps (found in the RB Smyth Papers) drawn by William Thomas from information derived from an east Kulin Aboriginal man named Kurburra, which may refer to a patriline named Tarrarwarra.
The range of those sources included sketch maps to cartographic works of art.
There are several sketch maps of Guadalcanal and nearby islands, but none provides the detail needed to follow the narrative.
The six papers cover sketch mapping and geographic knowledge: what role for drawing ability, a system for automatic localization and recognition of sketch map objects, managing qualitative spatial information to support query-by-sketch, the performance of directional estimates and route sketching: what differentiates and what predicts, using sketch maps as a basis for measures of spatial knowledge, and using SparQ for matching sketch maps.
A total of 120 coloured photographs of tourist spots of Kaghan Valley and number of sketch maps add value to this compact guidebook on scenic Valley of Kaghan and other areas of Balakot, Kewai, Shogran and Naran.
Complementary to the ABCD approach are simple mapping exercises that use sketch maps or ephemeral mapping on the ground to identify natural resources, physical infrastructure, financial assets, individual skills, associations, and institutions (IFAD 2009, Chambers 1997).
Communicating with the French troops has been a challenge at times, but we've got by with a few words of French and lots of hand signals and sketch maps.
The children sketch maps of Palestine, draw pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque and paint on pottery jars with the colors of the Palestinian flag.
The book contains sketch maps, access details and a list of the species that are likely to be encountered.