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Synonyms for skeptical

experiencing doubt

refusing or reluctant to believe

Synonyms for skeptical

denying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion

marked by or given to doubt

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On the one hand, there are skeptical lines of thought taking their departure from underdetermination--"If S knows that p and q describe incompatible scenarios, and yet S lacks a rational basis that favors p over q, then S lacks knowledge that p.
We remain deeply skeptical of the Iranian regime's commitments to reform as their nuclear program continues unabated, they continue to fund terrorist networks in the region including the murderous Assad regime, now implicated for war crimes, and they continue to ignore their abysmal human rights record," Rick Roth said.
In it, the former Psychology Today editor and author of the forthcoming book, The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane, claims that "some level of belief in the supernatural--often a subtle and subconscious belief--appears to be unavoidable, even among skeptics" (Now of that I'm quite skeptical.
The United States is skeptical about the willingness of the Syrian regime to start implementing the Annan plan, said Monday the press officer of the U.
They are arranged in sections on reasons to be skeptical, skepticism and the non-natural, skepticism in the human world, and the once and future skeptical movement.
98) offers a new collection of recent articles presented in The Skeptical Inquirer magazine and offers some of the best writing on topics of current interest, from Carl Sagan's final question/answer piece on science and skeptical inquiry to physicians who defend the value of vaccinations.
Frazier is editor of the Skeptical Inquirer, and he has collected recent articles from his publication that focus primarily on scientific controversies such as evolution and intelligent design, evidence of global warming and the real value of vaccinations.
13 has not yet been fully retraced makes me skeptical of this move.
Only 26 percent of Americans seek out green products, and 44 percent are skeptical that global warming exists.
New York stocks plunged Tuesday as traders were discouraged after the government's financial bailout plan received a skeptical reception at Congress.
Analysis of the survey results does suggest that people who believe they have some knowledge of environmental issues are less skeptical of so-called green products and fewer than a third of them say they would not be willing to pay more for green products.
The Bush administration has been skeptical about the causes of global warming.
In fact, in the matter of global warming, muzzling and ridiculing are generally reserved I to the skeptical analysts who won't fall into lock step.
Following Enron's initial internal investigation in August and September of 2001--which found no wrongdoing--prosecutors became increasingly skeptical of narrowly-constrained internal investigations performed by lawyers too closely aligned with the matters being investigated, and also of any corporate-directed internal probes that did not root out purported wrongdoing.
This study establishes the transmission of these paradigms through a meticulous sifting of written material in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century England, and the way, for example, it draws on a burgeoning Continental traffic in skeptical sources: primarily Cicero's Academica, the doxographies of Diogenes Laertius, and the treatises on Pyrrhonism by Sextus Empiricus.