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Synonyms for skeptic

one who habitually or instinctively doubts or questions

Synonyms for skeptic

someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs

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Demanding and aggressive, skeptics are often feared by subordinates.
Daniel Dudis of Public Citizen has a simple explanation as to why Google, despite its carefully-managed reputation as a climate protector, supports the Chamber of Commerce and climate skeptic think tanks: "As a big firm, you give these groups money in order to exert influence through them.
Media content analysis offers a similar picture: Grundmann and Scott (2014), for example, were not able to identify climate skeptic statements within the German media coverage on climate change, and Kaiser and Rhomberg (2016) found skeptic frames only in 7% of the German news coverage of the 2011 Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa.
The justification for this hostility is that religious skeptics are allegedly filthy, corrupt, and foolish (Zuckerman, 2009).
Exactly how a servant girl barely out of her teens mastered the arts of stage magic well enough to fool people who were presumably watching her--she was, as is commonly the case, under suspicion as the cause of the disturbances almost from the outset--is not explained or even addressed by skeptic writers.
The nub of Greco's argument is that our perceptions of the external world are not always based on inferences as the skeptic supposes: they are, rather, derived from reliable powers and abilities.
A social conservative promoting creationism is in for a fight if a skeptic happens to be nearby.
WASHINGTON: A prominent physicist and skeptic of global warming spent two years trying to find out if mainstream climate scientists were wrong.
If you prefer to track down a typical skeptic argument by way of logic rather than frequency of online occurrence, the site offers a systematic category structure--or taxonomy, as Cook puts it.
Why should we reject some skeptical possibility simply because it is very unlikely relative to a bunch of beliefs which, as far as the skeptic can tell, may all be false, and for which we may not presume to have any good reasons?
The skeptic will no doubt question whether there really is such transformative love on offer, and whether he or she would be volitionally opposed to it if there were.
The skeptic movement is an evidence-based approach to addressing claims of the supernatural, the pseudoscientific, the outlandish and the bizarre.
But, says Climate Change Skeptic, the IPCC prefers not to acknowledge these facts.
Tomorrow at 8pm, the group will host its first talk, when Professor Chris French, co-editor of The Skeptic magazine, will speak on The Psychology of Anomalous Experiences at the Crown Hotel, Lime Street, Liverpool.
In much the same spirit, the magazine Skeptical Inquirer (which is in general agreement with the views of Ackerman on global warming) moved away from name-calling by publishing an article by a prominent skeptic, Bjorn Lomborg, entitled "Let's Keep Our Cool about Global Warming" (vol.