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a large round wicker basket (used on farms)

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a domed beehive made of twisted straw

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The beekeeper replenished his skeps and soon his apiary thrived again.
Chapters 2 through 5 describe the structure and utility of older European hives in order of appearance (log hives, skeps, and early box hives) and give an account of bee niches used for housing skeps in Scottish garden and castle walls between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Unlike in skeps, this hive is designed for removing comb if the beekeeper wishes.
Wild and skep colonies have this characteristic through the sides and top of the combs being fixed to the walls.
Horn provides a good overview of the move from skeps to hives (like most people who know little about bees, I always assumed that skeps and hives were one and the same) and the development of technologies such as smokers, and centrifuges, that helped make the collecting of honey easier and more economically feasible, and helped transform beekeeping from a cottage industry into an agribusiness.
She mentions the work "bees" and quilting "bees" of colonial and early America, and points out that labour guilds and other organizations promoting the arts and sciences often chose the honeybee and the bee skep to adorn their seals and certificates.
Roger Williams pictured with beekeeper Karl Showler, who hand-makes traditional skeps, used to move swarms of bees
True cottage gardens developed out of the need to feed a hard-pressed working family with vegetables, fruit, herbs, honey from bee skeps and eggs from chickens.