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the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

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In a previous study using a mouse repetitive closed head injury model, we evaluated the effect of experimental TBI on the skeletal system [26].
nDo not overwork or over-isolate one muscle group as this can cause stress of both the muscular and skeletal systems and lactic acid can be produced at a lower level as we age.
The labyrinth, in the inner ear (part of the vestibular-balance system), interacts with other systems in the body such as the eyes and skeletal systems, to maintain the body's position.
Like you, her skeletal system comprises 206 bones, which meet up at joints.
From the waist down, a skeletal system will allow soldiers to carry two or three times their body weight.
Any imbalance of our muscles or skeletal system such as low back stiffness, poor foot position when running, muscle tightness etc will often lead to a recurrent injury.
Though most valuable when purchased as a complete set, each book individually is valuable: members of this group include NERVOUS SYSTEM AND SENSE ORGANS (0313324565), URINARY SYSTEM (0313324026), REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM (0313324492), RESPIRATORY SYSTEM (0313324244), SKELETAL SYSTEM (0313325219), MUSCULAR SYSTEM (0313324034), LYMPHATIC SYSTEM (0313324948), ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (0313326991), DIGESTIVE SYSTEM (0313326800), and CIRCULATORY SYSTEM (0313324018).
It is in these mesodermal cells that the skeletal system has its start.
Helen Yeadon, the centre's founder, explains that the acute malnutrition the son of Thatching sustained while with Mahdi had damaged his skeletal system, leading to the collapse of his pelvis.
The next chapters include taste, smell and vision; the GI tract; the cardiovascular system; the skeletal system.
If you really want to treat yourself, the Sun Ancon Chi machine gives you an all over workout with no physical effort, helps re-align the skeletal system and tones up your entire system (For a free trial phone 087 6830709).
From the skeletal system to the nervous system, see how amazing your body really is
In lecture, for instance, students may be learning about changes in the skeletal system across the lifespan.
SCEE developers used a facial skeletal system developed in-house to make the template.
I wrote a paper on the human skeletal system and that got me really interested in how the body works.