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the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

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Increases in biacromialD relative to bi-iliacD indicate that the wrestlers exhibited a greater increase in upper body skeletal frame size relative to the lower body.
Felicity Warbrick's ink on paper drawing is a skeletal frame of a house destroyed by fire, isolated and to one side, lost in the large coloured frame.
Watching the city go by from the hut in St John''s churchyard garden The skeletal frame of the gas-holder dominates the site e of the British Gas Grangetown works * An ornate lamppost adorns The Hayes * The pillar-box in Ninian Road, Roath Park * The water tower near Cardiff Central train station * One of a pair of navigation lamps at Bute West Dock near the Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, that would have helped guide ships safely into port * A relic of a more genteel age - an old-style red telephone box on the junction of Alder Road and Ninian Road, Roath Park
Fracture means disturbance to the skeletal frame of the body which is important for the body movement, he said.
The full-scale rehab--later recognized as the city's top office redevelopment project by the Greater New York Construction User Council--involved stripping the structure to its skeletal frame and transforming it into an environmentally friendly property for seekers of top-tier office space.
Caro shocked the fashion industry when she bared her skeletal frame for the campaign by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani -- best known for his controversial ad campaigns for Benetton -- which hit billboards during Milan fashion week.
The detachable, skeletal frame stock converts this heavy-barreled pistol into a carbine but does little to improve the weapon's accuracy," Williams notes.
The purpose of the exercise was for the participant to focus on their relationship with the environment, principally the floor as an 'outer support' for the skeletal frame.
Complete flexion of the body is established and a folding of the skeletal frame.
Attal's depiction of Graft is both physically brutal and emotionally convincing, revealing his character's waning psychological state through painful contortions of his skeletal frame.
RECENTLY, the former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham shocked everyone with her skeletal frame when she arrived to judge US talent show ' American Idol'.
A prototype for the man growing old disgracefully, when he dies from whatever gets him through the night - be it fags, drink, speed, sex, poetry, football or probably all six - his wrinkled, skeletal frame should be stuffed Jeremy Bentham-style with a plaque underneath declaring: "That's the way to do it
She hit rock bottom in 1995 when her skeletal frame weighed a pitiful four-and-ahalf stone.
These black-framed newspaper cutouts, which depict an ongoing construction site where several figures can be seen erecting the wooden skeletal frame of a house, are invariably sliced through with recurring vectors or strokes, causing interference patterns less tessellated than just indiscernibly there.
In this case, the student needs to retrain the internal muscles that will keep him upright, and the tube will help support the skeletal frame while the abdominal and back muscles are becoming more conditioned.