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Synonyms for skein

something that is intricately and often bewilderingly complex

something that suggests the continuousness of a fine continuous filament


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coils of worsted yarn

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Fascinating new characters, clever dialogue, and a complex plot make The Renaissance of the Skein a joy to read, and a hard book to put down.
The project concluded with notable success, proving that an algorithm like Skein can be written in a 'formal' language like SPARK without sacrificing readability or performance.
The skein needs to be tied more frequently than for wool and it should be boiled at a slow simmer for up to an hour.
1: 1) Fibers with a single interface exhibit the best crimp potential; 2) The crimp potential is maximized in a skein with a straight interface passing through the center of the cross-sectional area of a conjugated fiber; and 3) The crimp potential is zero for any cross-section with a center of symmetry (such as centric core/sheath).
The moments and gestures and poems and chants of a meal: the hands cupped around bowls, the skein of stories, the passing of the pepper, the cutting of food into pieces for children, the telephone books on chairs so that they are lifted up into the sea of stories, the chapels of hands clasped in prayer, the passing of plates one to another, the wisps of rising circling swirling steam, the creaks and whispers of chairs, the clatter-rattle of plates stacked for the sink, the humming of the dishwasher be it machine or mother, father or daughter, clan or neighbor, priest or poet.
His technique was, rather, to traverse the web of ideas as they are spun, leaping from skein to skein, and creating a perpetual sensation of discovery for the reader, along with a real insight into the organic manner by which human thinking has in fact progressed.
Limited skein dyeing, the art studio, and some offices will be mainrained as well.
The efficiencies in managing only the most current versions across a skein of clients, they say, are well worth it.
Already saddled with a costly two-year plan to increase efficiency, the company also has faced a stock sliding skein that's sent its shares significantly downward from their 52-week high of $36.
While it is true that apparently pointless roads that lead nowhere do get built, the improvement of much of Japan's skein of intercity highways and rural roads over the last two decades has been nothing short of miraculous.
An important skein in his jurisprudence was deference to the popularly elected organs of government.
These are stories about what happens when we do not discover and revel in what Johnson calls the "complex skein of relatedness" that connects us; they are stories about the various symptoms of that incurable state of illness Johnson describes as "selfhood.
Caught in a skein of unresolved tensions, unspoken fear, and undefined destinations, the children adjust in their silent, obscure manner.
Fits, Trances, & Visions is certain to find its place not only as a sign of new times in historical writing in this area and as a skein of good stories but as a permanent contribution to study of religious experience.
Then there is a skein of specialist ambassadors, like Dennis Ross on the Middle East, who are pretty much left to their own devices.