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Most chose to go out for another 25-mile spin, a couple went on a cookery course and I just spent the morning pottering through the streets, watching the world go by and looking at the many pictures on my camera of a magical skedaddle.
Charley Skedaddle by Patricia Beatty (Morrow, 1987 ISBN
Dave Morton travelled courtesy of Saddle Skedaddle (0191 265 1110 or www.
On another role sheet, the discussion director for a group reading Charlie Skedaddle moved beyond the 'so what happened?
Skedaddle features Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah on a range of Great Western Journeys.
She didn't escape make a getaway hightail it or skedaddle.
Now Homer can skedaddle back to his Quiznos kitchens, practice nine-ball in his pool store, and soak in his hot tubs.
If the purpose of the shoot-out is to see how easy it is to use the equipment, rather than learn about its more complex features, it may be better to have the vendors drop off the equipment and then skedaddle.
Policeman Peak, Possibility Col, Power Knob, Psyches Bath [lake], Puzzle Peak Rag and Famish Gully, Rat Castle [rock], Revolver Bay, Riskend, Rununder Point Savage Burn, Scratchback Hill, Scuffle Island, Mt Skedaddle, Slug Stream, The Snout [point].
If thoughts of council dance in your head, tell those thoughts to skedaddle.
Skedaddle is the brand name of a repellent designed especially for kids.
Skedaddle comes in a carton of 12 individual application pouches, which retails for about $4.
Stay an extra 10 to chat him up before you skedaddle.
Andrew Straw, marketing director of Saddle Skedaddle and The Cycle Hub, which won Tourism Experience of the Year award in 2014, recognised the impact winning has had on the business, saying: "The North East England Tourism Awards help promote the thriving tourism industry in the region - the awards can really help put you on the tourist trail.
Supporters hope it will help boost the economies of locations along the route, having already been snapped up by cycling holiday company Saddle Skedaddle as one of their packages and leading to an increase in minibus bookings.