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However, it took another 20 years before roller-skating caught on with the public to make skating a phenomenal success.
The vibrations during skating were recorded and the skaters were then measured for various motor function ability, including maximal force, reflex and ability to detect ankle angle changes.
It's not just moves or positions; it's a way of skating, a technique," explained Kraatz during a telephone interview from his home in Lake Placid, New York.
reviews some of the arguments against pressure melting as the cause of the low friction encountered in ice skating and snow skiing in the October American Journal of Physics.
We finished our day in Philly at Temple University skating the eight-stair.
They are as noted for their poetic lyricism, glowing romanticism, and memorable musical selections as they are for their beautiful line and the heightened emotional charge of their skating.
I started skating with my brother Clint back in the day.
Of the four disciplines in figure skating, pairs skating can at times be the most jarring for someone accustomed to watching dance.