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someone who skates

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She is one of the skaters called the "Vancouver Kids"_ a group of athletes inspired by legendary skater Kim Yuna to become figure skaters.
org that seeks to reverse SOC's decision and reinstate the skater back to the Olympic roster, but the Swedish skater has seemingly accepted his fate based on his tweets.
Well, I see you skaters all the time, jumping and flying through the air, flipping and twisting like it's some break-dance contest in a lost-food parking lot.
John Leon, chair of Coventry Figure Skating Club, said: "It's great to see GB squad skaters competing in Coventry, but equally important to us are the young up-and-coming skaters who are the potential ice stars of the future.
The wide ranging spectacle will see skaters ranging from five-year-old members of the polar club up to 16-year-olds in the Arctic Blade group in action.
From the 644 skaters who received the questionnaire, 412 completed ones were returned from 110 female juniors (78 single skaters, 12 pair skaters and 20 ice dancers) and 135 female seniors (97 single skaters, 16 pair skaters and 22 ice dancers) and from 79 male juniors (47 single skaters, 12 pair skaters and 20 ice dancers) and 88 male seniors (50 single skaters, 16 pair skaters and 22 ice dancers), coming from different ISU members.
The skater, who was one of several dashing around the park, was skating backwards and hit the man's wife who was standing with her daughter.
CANYON COUNTRY -- Full of state-of-the-art bowls, verts, grind boxes, rails and stairs, Santa Clarita's new skate park promises to bring innovation to skaters and BMX riders across the valley.
Some skaters report that a switch to a skate with a carbon fiber rack reduces vibration.
At 28, Galindo remains the only openly gay competitive figure skater.
The small country club like atmosphere enforces goal-oriented conditioning for both the figure skater and serious ice hockey player.
In the eight-lap race, three skaters from the two teams begin at opposite sides of the oval and the final times are measured when the third skater crosses the finish line.
As soon as a street skater steps on his board, he's risking his life 85-percent more than a park skater does.