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a board with wheels that is ridden in a standing or crouching position and propelled by foot

ride on a flat board with rollers attached to the bottom

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The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) worked hand-in-hand to form the Skateboard 2020 Commission.
Next was the Goin' Skateboarding station, which featured this skateboard atop this huge spring (like the ones on notebooks
5” and are available in neon blue and green with a classic-feel Bamboo Skateboards logo.
The team met with residents and held a workshop on basic skateboarding for 44 children, most of whom had never seen a skateboard before.
All Mali wanted for Christmas was a skateboard," her mother said.
I dreamed of working for a skateboard magazine from the age of 14 onwards so I guess you could say my current position is literally 'a dream come true'.
Companies sprang up overnight selling skateboard T-shirts and sweatshirts and an item labelled the Trinder Bomber Jacket.
I surfed as a kid and got my first skateboard when I was 10," said Odanaka, who grew up in Panorama City and Newport Beach and was good enough to get on an amateur skateboard team.
Shaun moves his skateboard in a similar way, but he says it's trickier to control than his snowboard.
Skateboard Scotland hope to change this by improving these facilities and working toward providing bigger and better ones across the country.
Older children tend to use a skateboard as a means of transportation and roam farther from home, often riding in streets and parking lots.
The Town s existing skateboard parks at the ACC and MCC utilize modular skateboard equipment that has been in place
By choosing a bamboo skateboard, skaters are helping to reduce the environmental impact of traditional maple skateboard manufacturing which has become one of the major contributors to the planet's maple deforestation.
Look at Phelps; he's the editor-in-chief of the largest skateboard magazine in the world.
Friday's competition was held on the basketball courts under the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge, where local skateboard enthusiasts hope to see Eugene's first covered skatepark constructed.