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Synonyms for skank

any substance considered disgustingly foul or unpleasant

a rhythmic dance to reggae music performed by bending forward and extending the hands while bending the knees

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The fact that my ex is shagging some skank is winding me up no end.
When life kicks her in the face, she embraces the Skank culture and records her experiences taking to it like fly to .
My best friend says I should chill and not act like a skank.
Cook's signature style is characterized by both the creative use of weirdly cut-up vocal samples (his biggest hit, "Rockafeller Skank," is recognized worldwide by its hook, which consists of a spoken-word sample edited to say "Right about now, the funk soul brother/Check it out now, the funk soul brother") and unexpected changes in texture and rhythm that make it utterly impossible to sit still while listening.
Praise You and Rockafeller Skank have been played into oblivion on television and radio, leaving some dubious tracks from later on in his career.
Dis - show disrespect or disdain forG, Homey, Bro - fellow gang member Zones - gang-controlled areas Gat, piece - gun Skank - to renege on a deal Head top - to shoot someone in the headFour-fifths, 28 or 99 - Slang terms for different calibre guns Food - firearms ammunition Yard - a base or the term used for Jamaica Science - Voodoo and black magic Sick - very good Jack - to hold someone up Tax - to take money with menaces Bare - lots of (eg ``There was bare guns in there'') Big man - main man, leader Rollin - living the gangster lifestyle
He produced for rock acts such as Raimundos, Skank and O Rappa as well as for more traditional Brazilian artists like Milton Nascimento, Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown.
On any given day, in any of the nation's junior or senior highs, teens brand each other with labels such as freak, geek, skank, prep, jock, loser, and other snapshot judgments that can affect a kid's success inside and outside the classroom.
Walk n Skank and Balkanarama present an Art School Takeover at Glasgow School of Art on Saturday with Mungo's HiFi feat Charlie P, Reaction Bike Powered Soundsystem with Decades of Dub & Crucial Roots Malaka & Balkanarama DJs Before that in the Vic bar there is a 2050 Climate Change Summit party with Jo Mango, The Bellybuttons, A new international and Mungo's HiFi.
SKA LEGENDS COME TO TOWN Gigs like these seem to come around every few months - but we can't help get excited when the old 2 Tone ska heads skank their way into town.
Harvey's friends also weighed in, with mum-of-two McCann, also from Pollok, writing: "She is an attention seeking little skank who needs put down .
Warwickshire College student, Rachael Mackintosh, raised an impressive PS232 for Voluntary Action Coventry (VAC) by organising Skank Out, a music night at The Golden Cross pub in Coventry.
The casting director for Victoria's Secret fashion shows said she'd never allow such a skank to darken her runway, LA Times reported.
Don't be distracted by the anemic synth leads, the repetive guitar skank or lyrics like Laura, your thong is showing.
We just didn't think this much skank could fit in one room.