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Systems like these may be focused more on the nuts and bolts rather than the sizzle, but balancing functionality with flash is imperative.
This year's schedule of events includes the Welcome Culture & Style Party on Thursday, July 24th, the White Fashion Gala on Friday, July 25th, the Summer Sizzle BVI “Global Glamour” Runway Show & VIP After Party on Saturday, July 26th at U.
In addition to the classic cheese pizza, which Sizzle Pie calls "D-beat," after a basic punk rock drum beat, the pizzeria gets inventive with "The Ol' Dirty," which has salami, ricotta, olive oil and pepperoncini, or "The Gold Chain," a pizza with white truffle oil, goat cheese, pancetta and green onion.
While this conjures up a disturbingly misogynistic image, it does have sizzle.
Add the remaining oil, let it sizzle, then add the cabbage and red pepper.
Add remaining oil, let it sizzle then add cabbage and red pepper.
Since they actually sizzle on the grill (and they won't dry out in the process), you could easily fool even your most carnivorous friends and neighbors at your next picnic.
Supported by DIY retailer B&Q, the British Red Cross Big Sizzle aims to encourage people to 'host' barbecues at their homes and workplaces during Red Cross Week from May 511.
CarnaudMetalbox Closures Europe's Poole site has been working closely with Unilever to produce ECOB and Twist closures for a new range called Chicken Tonight Sizzle and Stir.
You can add some sizzle to the Chinese New Year with Chicken Tonight's "Sizzle and Stir".
But from an air-quality perspective, it would have been better to stick to pan frying -- and better yet to switch to an entree that needn't sizzle and spatter, a team of researchers now concludes.
th] Annual Sizzle Awards, winning in the Traffic Builder category for its Art and Science of Engagement experience EXHIBITOR2014.
Mr Sizzle boss Mark Smith said takings had nosedived since his company's vans were kicked out of Pipers Row in Wolverhampton when the bus station was redeveloped as part of a major regeneration scheme.
John Howard, marketing director with the Danish Bacon and Meat Council, said: "This next phase of the campaign continues to communicate the importance of looking for the Danish sizzle on the pack through a much more direct, execution.
A CHILDREN'S football team is hoping to sizzle in a new kit provided by a sponsor.