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any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics


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Installation--Proper filter installation and sizing achieves maximum filtration efficiency.
The Intellifit System analyzes the measurements and compares them to the garment sizing data provided by participating retailers.
APPLICATION: Guidelines for the values of pH, temperature, dosages, and water hardness can be used to help control sizing in paper mills.
2 for automated sizing and verification of custom analog, RF and digital circuit topologies using the customer's simulation environment.
APPLICATION: With a long useful life in the emulsion form, ethyl oleate succinic anhydride could become one of the preferred sizing chemicals in papermaking.
today announced Rapid Analog Design(TM) (RAD) - a complete, next generation analog flow featuring NeoCircuit(R) for automatic analog circuit sizing and NeoCell(R) for automated analog layout.
The mill can add the sizing chemical at the wet end, the size press, or both.
introduces new belt sizes in its expanding line of portion sizing equipment.
In this study, the researchers applied statistical techniques to arrive at mathematical expressions that describe the behavior of sizing when different parameter are varied over normal ranges.
and Platform Computing, the global leader in distributed computing software, announced a new solution for distributed computing environments that will enable Neolinear to accelerate automation of circuit sizing and help customers bring circuits to market faster.
Before the development of tools like advanced silica nanoparticle formulations, which are designed to work in concert with sizing and coating combinations, coating interactions between latexes and pigments were less predictable.
So should boat owners give up hope of ever sizing their propellers to their engines?