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Antonyms for sized

having a specified size


having the surface treated or coated with sizing


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Other down sized tests will be developed for the rubber and roofing industry that will facilitate the evaluation of multiple compounds in a cost effective, short period of time.
X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy (XPS) was used to characterize the surface chemical composition of sized handsheets, and the results showed that the presence of fines causes less sizes available to fibers.
Features: Rotary concept; high output, space-saving design, vertical mold opening and closing; modular oven can be sized independent of rest of machine; pneumatic cam-operated stretch rods consume no air; quick mold change; optoelectronic preform QC; heat-setting and multi-layer capabilities.
We determined optical and strength properties of surface sized paper after surface sizing.
The market is sized both in terms of agent positions and technology spending, and the data is segmented by vertical market, in-house/outsourced, size-band, type of technology, IP/TDM, and hosted/CPE.