size constancy

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the tendency to perceive the veridical size of a familiar object despite differences in their distance (and consequent differences in the size of the pattern projected on the retina of the eye)

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Development of size constancy in children: A test of the proximal mode sensitivity hypothesis.
If that pilot approaches a narrower runway of the same length (represented by Runway B), the approach will appear steep due to size constancy even though the aircraft is at the same distance and approach angle.
Similarly, it is well known that size constancy is also maintained to a high degree in photographs that include only pictorial cues to depth (Smith, 1958; Shimada, 1975).
On size constancy the most relevant work is probably that of Leibowitz (Leibowitz, Brislin, Perlmutter & Hennessy, 1960; Leibowitz & Pick, 1972) and associates carried out in the context of studies of the Ponzo illusion, and Brislin & Keating's (1976) work which it inspired; and a much more extensive investigation concerned specifically with size constancy in a cross-cultural setting carried out by Winter (1967) and Reuning & Wortley (1973).
But in order to truly bring vertebrate bias down to size, Gould will have to show that honeybees have size constancy -- the ability to remember something they first saw close up when they later see it from farther away.