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  • adj

Synonyms for sizable

notably above average in amount, size, or scope

Synonyms for sizable

fairly large

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large in amount or extent or degree

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IFAC leaders agreed CPAs should caution their clients and companies against making sizable investments in Eastern European countries, which are generally at an early stage in their conversion to market economies.
These levels are expected to be stable, despite the sizable capital plan, as a result of rapid amortization and sustained growth in equalized property value.
4 percent; most of those industries posted sizable increases, the largest of which were in transportation equipment, lumber, and electrical machinery.
Because he was in such good spirits, Stern also said he was unconcerned about the sizable number of empty seats for the Clippers' first home playoff game since 1993.
Sometimes a guarantee can be procured on behalf of a tenant that is a subsidiary of a sizable company, with significant assets," Malkin says.
The sizable trading allocations awarded to winners have helped attract CTAs who have successfully demonstrated a variety of emerging, accessible, and risk-appropriate investment programs that PFG can help market to meet the demand from clients for diversification strategies," said Herb Kral, director of PFG Managed Futures.
Consumer price inflation picked up slightly in July and August from a slow rate of increase in each of the previous four months; reduced but still appreciable increases in food prices contributed to the larger advance in both months, and a sizable rise in energy prices lifted the index in August.
The program's sizable pledged reserves allow the bonds to withstand borrower defaults of 94% during the first four years the bonds are outstanding, which is approximately 3.
Private nonfarm payroll employment rose at a reduced pace in May after having registered sizable advances over the first four months of the year.
The 'AA' rating reflects AISD's moderate debt levels and capital needs, rapid amortization, sound financial status, and sizable economy.
In contrast, production gains were widespread among other consumer durables, including sizable increases in the production of appliances, home computers, and audio and video equipment.
Offsetting these positive rating factors are the historically poor underwriting performance and sizable portion of Allianz's surplus represented by its investment in the Fireman's Fund separately managed operating unit.
Industrial production was unchanged in April after having recorded sizable increases in March and other recent months; declines in mining and manufacturing were offset by a large rise in utility output.
Fitch believes the county will need to demonstrate financial discipline and prudence in order to retain its sound reserve levels while sizable labor costs increase.
7 percentage points; gains were sizable in coal mining and oil and gas well drilling.