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being two more than sixty


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The dam on completion, will generate eighty-three point four megawatt electricity besides irrigating three hundred and sixty-two thousand acres of barren land in North Waziristan Agency and Bannu district, he added.
Addressing a function of Punjab Judicial Academy in Lahore on Sunday, he also talked about shortage of judges and said there is one judge for sixty-two thousand people in Punjab.
Contract notice: general assistance mission to territories sixty-two, access to an environment of exchanges, references, experiences and shared data for the needs of territories sixty-two.
Sixty-two percent of respondents rely on their doctor to manage their healthcare data.
Sixty-two officers from departments concerned and various police sectors from the ministry attended and participated in the discussion.
Yeovilton Approach: "Duke Sixty-two, cleared to Southhampton.
Summary: Laayoune - A new group of sixty-two people joined on Wednesday their homeland, Morocco, after escaping the camps of Tindouf in southwestern Algeria, where the population held against their will for over three-decades continue to be deprived of basic living conditions.
Sixty-two percent of the respondents opposed such a database, while 60 percent also believed collecting this student data is costly and intrusive and does not solve any pressing issue.
Sixty-two percent of Republicans said religion is losing its influence on American life and an overwhelming majority of them said that was a bad thing.
Taylor wrote most prolifically in her "midlife" years from age forty to sixty-two.
National tool hire chain, Hire Station, has purchased sixty-two Link Tower lighting systems, from generator supplier, GenSet plc.
Each year sixty-two ensembles are invited to compete, participate in master classes and perform outreach programs during the three-day event.
Sixty-two companies indicated that they use exchange rate management as a strategic competitive advantage--and about 40 percent of these are in emerging markets (compared to 25 percent of the responses in the overall survey).
Functional, spare, site-specific, and downright petite at sixty-two thousand square feet, Diller + Scofidio's ICA stems the Bilbao-inspired tide of marquee museums, which, more often than not, have proved to be unsympathetic to art viewing and expensive to maintain.
Sixty-two parks were selected in the first stage of the program, expected to be in place this month.