sixth sense

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Synonyms for sixth sense

Synonyms for sixth sense

the power to discern the true nature of a person or situation

Synonyms for sixth sense

grasping the inner nature of things intuitively


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It is hard to compare the form of the juvenile races at the royal meeting, but Sixth Sense is a typical Johnston horse in that he keeps getting better with each run, and if he can cope with the drop back to six furlongs he will be difficult to pass.
Soap star Samia Ghadie with Sixth Sense |owners Dean Robertson and Dean Vinning
Samia, wearing her lovely locks " down, mingled with guests at the launch of Sixth Sense launched by stylist Dean Vinning and hubby Dean Robertson, before taking the opportunity to visit relatives in the town.
By launching a new Web site and associated online marketing campaign, Sixth Sense Service should be more visible to people in its area who are doing consumer research regarding appliance repairs.
Villa have nothing to play for - for the previous 36 games they just played that way - and who knows what a sense of freedom, even a sixth sense of freedom, will do for their game against a team who are, by comparison, straitjacketed.
This alleged ability is sometimes referred to as a sixth sense or ESP.
They say that they can sense changes directly with their mind, which is a phenomenon known as the sixth sense or ESP.
Ness Technologies, a global provider of information technology services and solutions, announced today that it will launch - at the Israel HLS 2012 conference - a new version of the company's The Sixth Sense technology, a pioneering video object-tracking system that detects suspicious behavior of humans and vehicles in real-time, in dense urban environments.
Sixth Sense centres on Tara, a young girl uprooted from her home and friends and forced to move to Rose Cottage with her unsympathetic family.
Dominic said: "They say that when you lose one sense, the others become stronger - and I really have developed a sixth sense since losing my sight.
A few Americans have conducted experiments on this sixth sense idea and sometimes refer to it as an "unusual faculty".
Now two-thirds of American pet owners say they can relate as their pets have a sixth sense about bad weather.
It is ' the sixth sense technology', his latest innovation that created a sensation in scientific circles and established him as one of the top ten innovators of the present day.
I guess my sixth sense has served me well in my decision-making as I find a radical change in the way MPs of the country are going about improving the lives of their citizens which is nothing but hot air and does not change the status quo of the unemployment, basic housing and health care.
GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI has a sixth sense, and he plans to use it to tempt exiles Stephen Ireland (left), Steve Finnan and Andy O'Brien back to the Republic side.