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My father and grandfather enjoyed trying to poleaxe the local bookie with their sixpenny doubles and, on occasions when they won, the winnings were given to my mother and grandmother and not straight back to 'Honest Joe.
Coun Morgan bought two sixpenny stamps and the mites, whose father is in the Forces, thus became the first members of a new street group.
They were ready to hit the country rock bottom for sixpenny, but couldn't succeed.
Weather is barny Sunrise over a barn in field at Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, yesterday.
A Halfpenny B Farthing C Threepenny bit D Sixpenny piece QUESTION 4 - for 4 points: Which tradesman accompanied the Walrus in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass?
Also gone from Caernarfon are "sei" - the silver sixpenny bit (which circulated until 1980 being worth 2.
6% stake in four wind farms in the UK and these wind power facilities are Sixpenny Wood (20.
An intriguing but unanswerable question is whether Browning expected readers to recall "The King" from the Monthly Repository and to summon its progressive politics as a tacit framework when they purchased Pippa Passes in the Bells and Pomegranates sixpenny pamphlet, which like a periodical number was issued in paper covers.
Turner also contributed romances for adult women and, with her sister Lilian, edited a sixpenny monthly magazine, Parthenon, from 1989 (publication history from Trove).
Katie Flynn's A Sixpenny Christmas is a wonderful post-war saga.
Henley's brilliant but briefly lived high Tory sixpenny weekly, London.
Among its many ancient treasures, a search for 'new Flat season' trawled up a fantastic film from 1944, when, far from digging in for the war, hundreds of turf-obsessed gadabouts were rowing gaily to Windsor for the Upper Sixpenny Stakes (in which, in the first dismal upset of the year, 1-4 shot Orestes failed to get past The Solicitor).
Gerald Barry's 'Feldman's Sixpenny Editions' were dynamically loud, clichd and tediously repetitive.