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Bees store honey and raise their young in six-sided cells.
Researchers said via the NASA release that the six-sided jet stream may act as a barrier that keeps outside haze particles from getting to the North Pole.
4) 18 Left unhurt (6) 19 Entice, lure (5) 20 Stops for a while (6) 22 Inner Hebrides island (4) 24 Curler, - - -Muirhead (3) 25 Hold spellbound (7) 26 Six-sided shapes (5) 27 Recording machine?
The unit is encapsulated with a thermally conductive potting compound in a six-sided metal case for improved thermal performance in stillair environments.
The unique shot shape in Winchester Ammunition's newest load for fall 2011, Blind Side, is different for a reason: The HEX Shot technology offers more shot per wad--up to 15 percent more--and is six-sided to help ensure a quick kill on any gamebird.
Each team has two sides of the six-sided pitch: the side with the goal they are defending and the side opposite it.
If you have ever caught a snowflake in your hand, you may have noticed the beautiful six-sided structure of this group of ice crystals.
The former Coventry striker has created a six-sided electronic percussion instrument called The Dube - described as sounding like "a mixture of congos, bongos and snare drums".
The Rinehart RhinoBlock Target is a six-sided cube.
Snowflakes may seem like a beautiful topic for a scientific investigation--but there's more to them than the geometry of three- and six-sided figures.
Sundogs are caused by sunlight passing through flat, six-sided ice crystals high in the troposphere.
Its basic form is that of a square prism, 58 meters on a side, intersected by two sweeping arcs to form a vertically-evolving six-sided shape in plan, ultimately tapering into a single diagonal line at the apex, 492 meters above the base.
Architect Robert Carver created the magical Turtle House, a two-story, six-sided residence in which all rooms cantilever over the forest floor.
Six-sided little rooms cover part of the floor, and peep holes allow you to see in to different coloured and textured shiny spaces.
In a six-sided jump-off, de Ponnat, made the most of his last draw to win in dashing style with the only double clear round.