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Synonyms for six-pack

a carton containing six bottles or cans

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Some shops charge that, while others sell the packs at PS2 - the same price they charged for a six-pack a year ago.
Brooker, a "self-confessed porker", attempted to get a six-pack in two months on his new show.
About a week later, the shipping manager bought another six-pack of 7UP from Carrefour in Ajman.
And independent research confirms that all of those large, heavy-user CSD families who buy 12 unique CSD brands per year would welcome the option of buying these brands on promotion in six-packs, providing the price differential makes sense.
Six-packs feature three flavors: orange, strawberry, and grape.
The only thing separating a straight man from a gay man these days is not a six-pack, as the cliche suggests, but a wedding ring: Straight men can cement their relationships the old-fashioned way, at the altar, while gay couples still have to improvise.
The limited-edition six-pack - which features two each of the Mississippi Mud Pie, Strawberry Crumble and Lemon Cheesecake variants - will hit stores on 5 September.
The price for both the pre-chosen and the self-selected six-packs is $64.
He may choose to buy several six-packs over multiple visits because his reward works in a cumulative manner.
Samuel Adams([R]) Honey Porter will also be offered in six-packs in January for the suggested retail price of $6.
Rebel Rouser Double IPA is currently available in six-packs nationwide for a SRP of $8.
It will be featured in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and on draught.
Masterfoods also replaced all its ice cream bar four-packs with six-packs and gave them a new pack design.