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Synonyms for six-pack

a carton containing six bottles or cans

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What can you say about Stage's active lifestyle and six-pack abs while on her third trimester of pregnancy?
Brand owner Mondelez have axed three and six-packs of Creme Eggs - which are only sold in the months before Easter - and replaced them with a five-pack.
2-kV, 20-A six-pack features the industry s lowest switching losses due to the zero turn-off tail current in the MOSFET and the zero reverse-recovery current in the Schottky diode.
It was a curious coincidence that Mohammad Riaz Quraishi, a father of four from Karachi, found two empty cans of 7UP from two locations in the UAE - both of them in six-packs.
A six-pack of Volvic is very similar but it's not Evian so it might score 90.
Le Mars, Iowa, distributed in 532-ml six-packs, are said to have only one-half the fat and 40% fewer calories than other premium bars available in the USA market.
If I'm honest, the holiday season had taken a toll and the old six-pack had been encased in, well, a body barrel-made up of chicken gravy and Budweiser.
6 ounces for $15; and a six-pack of three pumpkin-shaped truffles and three seasonal truffles (apricot brandy, English toffee and sweet pear) weighing 7.
The coupons were attached to Hi-Cone merchandising panels on the front of the six-pack carriers, offering high-visibility on the shelf.
Six-pack one belongs to Neil Clapham, six-pack two is Aled Brew, John Bowen is the face behind six-pack three, Cai Griffiths owns six-pack four, Rowland Phillips is six-pack five and Richard Johnston number six.
While our abs may look more like a keg than a six-pack, bears are a very active and diverse crowd, and a rich source of news to report on.
Sargent Art also introduces a six-pack assortment of their popular 8 oz.
Now you can feel good about yourself as you make your way through the better part of a six-pack.
You scan one six-pack and find out that the brewery is anti-union.
Perhaps it's time for the Ryobi Six-Pack, which uses the same battery for all six tools.