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a person who is at least six feet tall

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The chic, Polish-built Seicento, despite its tiny dimensions, is capable of transporting four adults in relative comfort - so long as back seat passengers aren't six-footers.
There's not much room in the boot, just 6 cu ft, but there is plenty of headroom in the cabin even for six-footers.
Room inside is good for two six-footers and the backseat head room is generous.
Natalie says the image of female firefighters as musclebound six-footers was wide of the mark.
Welling are a big, strong and organised side just like the rest of the teams in this league where even the six-footers have good footballing ability.
Hopefully, I will be an inspiration, especially if I can get these six-footers down and run round them.
Everybody goes on about us being a long ball team, but they had six six-footers and tried to get the ball forward.
Yorba Linda, their opponent in Saturday's divisional tournament opener, featured a lineup filled with athletic six-footers.
With both of our centre-halves inches short of being six-footers there is always the danger an imposing opponent is going to make life difficult for us.
The Imps are packed with half a dozen six-footers, and muscled their way into a a two-goal lead through Gareth McAuley and Simon Yeo.
Within minutes of the decision to cancel a night dive because of rough seas, a Pacific Explorer crewman yelled, ``We have three six-footers.
Heand Iain Diackboth scored from set-pieces and McGlashan said: ``We've a few six-footers in the team and that makesusdangerouswith dead-ball situations.
Parents Michael and Christine are both six-footers while brother Michael, 18, is 6ft 7ins and sister Keely, 19, is 6ft 1in.
And Orr knocked in two six-footers and a four-footer as they rattled up five more birdies on the trot around the turn.
Golfers always tell you about that six-footer they miss on the last hole," he said.