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by a factor of six


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And it was blim, blam, blim, six times an' twice over, with his two big horse-pistols, an' the house perforated like a cullender.
I walked with intrepidity five or six times before the very head of the cat, and came within half a yard of her; whereupon she drew herself back, as if she were more afraid of me.
All the rest of the year the city is in that state of dull apathy, between life and death, which renders it similar to a kind of station between this world and the next -- a sublime spot, a resting-place full of poetry and character, and at which Franz had already halted five or six times, and at each time found it more marvellous and striking.
Elton is shewing your picture to his mother and sisters, telling how much more beautiful is the original, and after being asked for it five or six times, allowing them to hear your name, your own dear name.
The post Man arrested for being six times over the limit in Protaras appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
It was said Benjamin Lelmen had a scuffle with his girlfriend Beatrice Mutura, 31, before shooting her six times at about 11pm.
A DRIVER has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after a car reportedly rolled six times into a bingo car park in Cardiff.
In addition to the Egyptian League, Gomaa won CAF African Champion League six times with Al-Ahly.
Hussain Nawaz said that there was no need to summon him six times as the questions he had been asked could be posed in just two sittings.
CHANCELLOR George Osborne yesterday refused to answer SIX times if he discussed the HSBC tax scandal with former Trade Minister Lord Green.
The composition, which has a viscosity of 100 to 500 mPas as measured at 25[degrees]C, is dilutable with water to form a non-gelling, diluted composition having up to six times the volume of the undiluted composition and a viscosity within the range of 100 to 1600 mPas as measured at 25[degrees]C at any dilution up to the six times dilution.
The figures also show the average home costs six times the average wage.
ARTHRITIS suerers are being forced to take six times more sick days than their healthier colleagues, new estimates suggests.
Repeat this again six times and if your dog remains still, start to take a full stride away, quickly returning before the reward.
A MINKE whale put on a spectacular show for holidaymakers when it breached out of the water six times in succession.