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Synonyms for sissy

Synonyms for sissy

a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

having unsuitable feminine qualities

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being sissies isn't about being weak, it's about being to shionable, comfortable, fabulous, non-aggro, versatile and most importantly happy.
Scott Presley, left, Rich Delia, Ted Detwiler and David Ojalvo of ``Southern Baptist Sissies.
I can tell you somethin' about sissies and morons and even get SEX into it
Scumbags, prob'ly prowling cars in the parking lot, and failing at that they decided to engage in recreational intimidation of a buncha well--obvious sissies.
This lady, I conclude, is a sissie, a moron, and an idjit--a real triple-threat.
such an idjit he rang the bell but didn't even try the unlocked door: used a perfectly good crowbar to bust out glass insteada pryin' the frame, and then We big sissie runs away when something screeches
In the literature of the normal child the "real" or "regular" boy emerged as a psychological ideal, while sissies were frequently characterized as sickly, timid children who were overly dependent on their mothers.
This essay traces the convergence of social and psychological conceptions of sissies and "real boys" during the early decades of the century.
20) Whether sissies or ruffians, however, organized sports and boys' clubs were viewed as solutions to the problem of both arousing and controlling masculine impulses, as historian David MacLeod has so eloquently demonstrated in his study of the boy scouts.
The contributors to Sissies and Tomboys consider how the stigma of illness influences a child's development and what homosexual childhood, freed from the constraints of conventionally acceptable gender expression, might look like.
Together, parents, peers, and professionals worked to ensure that male children become "real boys" and not sissies.
Thus, the Self-Made Man was a white man, who cast his ideal image against a screen of undesirable blacks, Native-Americans, immigrants, and sissies.
There's a notion that lesbians hate men, that they will feminize their men or make them into sissies.
While he opens the show with an homage to his character Earl "Brother Boy" Ingrain from Del Shores's cult-hit film Solid Lives Jordan is at least equally well-known from the stage as Preston LeRoy in Shores's Southern Baptist Sissies, and on TV as Beverley Leslie, Karen Walker's high-society foil on Will & Grace.
After receiving some long overdue recognition for Sissies and Lives, not to mention his whirlwind guest spots on Will & Grace--his favorite line: "Well, well, well, Karen Walker.