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formerly a contemptuous term of address to an inferior man or boy

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Excluding editorial inconsistency, the only possible explanation is that in the first speech all the addressees are named in the text ("gentlemen," "musicians," "girls," "knaves," "Ah sirrah," and "good cousin Capulet"), so it would be superfluous to indicate them in stage directions.
Ralph: Sirrah Tom, I believe it was he that was at our town o' Sunday: I'll tell thee what he did, sirrah.
Zounds, sirrah, that's a minced oath, I'll warrant," blurted Profane Pete, clearly shocked at this verbal onslaught.
SIRRAH JAY, whose career took off to such an extent at the age of 13 that he broke the Aintree course record in the John Hughes Memorial Handicap Chase, has been put down, aged 29, at his retirement home in Devon.
For a fish without a fin, there's a fowl without a feather;/ If a crow help us in, sirrah, we'll pluck a crow together" (81-84).
his servant asks, adding, presumably to the Syracusan Dromio within: 'For a fish without a fin, there's a fowl without a feather; / If a crow help us in, sirrah, we'll pluck a crow together' (3.
Dorcas: I'll make you change your Course of Life: I did not marry you for this, you idle Rogue; 'tis well known I had twenty good Pounds to my Portion, Sirrah, Sirrah.
my lord from Banquo, Lady Macbeth and the Murderers to Macbeth; my liege from the Murderers to Macbeth; madam from a Servant to Lady Macbeth ; sir from Macbeth to Banquo, and sirrah from Macbeth to a Servant.
After Envy and Pleasure have passed over the stage and the masque is about to begin, Smirk pockets the ring to avoid losing it and, becoming visible, he is immediately and insultingly ("How now sirrah, what make you here?
How very innovative then, that an email invitation arrives to the New York Mal Sirrah show, with a password and the seating details given as section A, row 1, seat 1.
Heather Blease, who looks after the retired Sirrah Jay, winner of 17 races, reports the view of her six-year-old niece
These two constellations are linked by Alpha Andromedae, the northeast corner of the Great Square of Pegasus, the star also known as Alpheratz or Sirrah.
The equine dandy is Sirrah Jay, and owners John and Shirley Gale indulge their old warrior in the manner to which he deserves to have become accustomed.