siren call

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the enticing appeal of something alluring but potentially dangerous

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For a huge number of people, the only way to counteract the siren call of BDS revisionism is to spread real knowledge, real information, real context.
Spewing curses, her character often seems designed as a siren call to some blockbuster movie producer.
There are powerful political tides sweeping the continent - strong nationalist movements, hard attitudes on immigration, aggressive Russian expansionism and the siren call of parties and governments who would wish away the rules of economics.
If there is chocolate in the house, it has this siren call that can drag me from my cosy sofa all swaddled in blankets and send me padding over cold floors until I have liberated a bar.
As a Labour First Minister, I'm here to say to the left in Scotland that the promise of a socialist utopia post-separation is a siren call from the Yes camp that must be resisted," he said.
was simply not going to answer the siren call of the full-time job.
Finally, sponsors and their brokers are getting better at resisting the siren call of overpriced private placements.
Harpe, MD (certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine) presents Naturvore Power: Transcending Industrial Food and Medicine, a siren call to resist processed food, excessive overuse of pharmaceuticals, and the sedentary, unhealthy American lifestyle promoted by corporate advertising.
It also means you can expose people who have avoided Twitter to its siren call.
I reckon it matters not a jot if you're on TV or on the checkout at Asda - I know very few women who don't feel the siren call of the hair dye once those grey roots poke through.
Last week was a siren call that the markets are distressed.
Their foresight and fortitude and the strength of the youth of Cardiff to resist the siren call of those morons should be properly recognised and applauded in this letters page and amongst our communities.
And she finds a few examples of companies that have resisted the siren call of corporate owner ship--companies like Nature's Path and Eden Foods--opting to stay small, independent and fiercely loyal to their customers and their green roots.
Much of the credit for the success and endurance of the Peace Corps is attributable to the irrepressible enthusiasm and optimism of the Peace Corps's first Director, Sargent Shriver; the field staff of free-thinking, creative Kennedyites he recruited to build and shape the first programs abroad; and to the early volunteers, uncommonly average Americans every one, who answered Kennedy's siren call.
So why this review and why this siren call to reduce health and safety protection at work?