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Synonyms for siphon

a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube


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a tubular organ in an aquatic animal (especially in mollusks) through which water can be taken in or expelled

convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon

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move a liquid from one container into another by means of a siphon or a siphoning action

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When their van was stopped, police found a large number of fuel containers and a siphoning tool.
New Delhi [India], November 28 ( ANI ): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday registered an FIR against five officials of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and six others on charge of siphoning off government funds.
Estimates put losses from pipeline siphoning as high as $1 billion in 2013 but it is unclear whether this figure refers to the value siphoned or the profits of the organised crime groups.
Transneft said it was forced to cut off supplies through the Druzhba pipeline after Belarus began siphoning off oil as payment in kind for the duties.
Mr Forbes was using a length of rubber tubing to start the siphoning process, before transferring the fluid to smaller containers.
The TankSafe device from Tiss Security Systems fits inside the neck of an HGV fuel tank, allowing fuel to flow in but preventing thieves from siphoning it back out.
While fuel-tank-location cases continue to be compelling, two relatively new theories--involving siphoning and filler-neck defects--are emerging in this litigation.
In the case of a publicly held company, in which the salaries of the highest executives are fixed by a board of directors that those executives do not control, the danger of siphoning corporate earnings to executives in the form of salary is not acute.
A flow control structure is provided at the end of the forcemain on Cuba Road to maintain siphoning conditions.
After two 10-minute cycles, the same process is repeated, but with five-minute settling periods before siphoning and refilling.
The patent covers filter cartridge design, specifically the assembly that filters stormwater, regulates flow, and induces siphoning, all of which are key to the effectiveness of any underground best management practice (BMP) for stormwater quality.
CEBU CITY -- Siphoning operations on the sunken MV St.
They then removed fuel caps from three diesel laden lorries before siphoning off around 750 litres of fuel - worth more than PS1,050.