siphon off

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convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon


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BEIRUT: Caretaker Energy and Water Minister Gebran Bassil warned Friday that the recent Israeli discovery of a new gas field 4 kilometers away from the Lebanese coast meant Israel could easily siphon off Lebanon's gas wealth.
This scheme, Malkin says, "will siphon off the hard-earned tax dollars of American workers who may never see a dime of their confiscated earnings and fork it over to foreigners guilty of at least four acts of federal law-breaking: crossing the border illegally, working illegally, engaging in tax fraud, and using bogus documents.
Proposals by President Bush and his administration to create special tax-free savings accounts haven't advanced in Congress, but the industry fears the accounts would siphon off money that might otherwise go to insurance products.
A THIEF cut a fuel pipe on a car parked at Rugby's St Cross Hospital to siphon off petrol.
Harmless-looking programs could in reality be "Trojan Horses" that can siphon off important information from computer systems.
When a homeowner executes a refinancing, does that party's additional deductions from higher interest rates, that inure to a household, siphon off much needed money for consumers to spend in the economy - if it gets credited back at the end of a tax year?
Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats alike impede economic growth when they siphon off development funds or engage in sweetheart business deals with their chums.
Still, he was superb as Ronnie, a lorry driver who'd let someone siphon off his load.
Study scientists found that drainage ditches, which are commonly used on farms to siphon off stormwater and control rice field water levels, trapped 60-90% of a liquid pesticide formulation that had been injected into the system prior to the test.
I would happily take my entire 401(k) and endow any university that would siphon off a fraction of its funds for studying the effects of glamorized depictions of heavy artillery and put it toward research into the psychic damage wrought by ignorant people saying stupid things in such a manner that many others can hear them.
Now is not the time to siphon off desperately needed money for a program that will affect at most 3 percent of the system's 70,000 students at a cost of more than $6 million," she wrote.
The rightwing voucher movement is seizing on the poor quality of many of our schools as an excuse to gut the whole project of public education and siphon off public money into private schools.
Built on the premise of greater convenience at competitive prices, the company had ambitious plans to siphon off FTD market share by taking orders through a toll-free phone line and filling them at local retail shops.
A HOSPITAL cleaner who used a dying patient's stolen savings book in a bid to siphon off pounds 8,500 has been jailed for nine months.