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Synonyms for siphon

a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube


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a tubular organ in an aquatic animal (especially in mollusks) through which water can be taken in or expelled

convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon

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move a liquid from one container into another by means of a siphon or a siphoning action

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They include a Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower attachment, Siphon Coffee Brewer, and Spiralizer Attachment for the KitchenAid stand mixer.
Flow of water was 40726 cusecs at Sulemanki, 21588 cusecs at Head Islam and 18706 cusecs at Mailsi Siphon in River Satluj.
Since it was established in 2009, Siphon has doubled its revenues year-on-year.
Local pipelines are being diverted to high powered water pumps, enabling residents to siphon off a greater share of the city's dwindling water supplies.
He said it was carrying five million liters of the fuel, noting the robbers took between seven and eight hours to siphon off the fuel to two tankers> Norzaid said that the pirates tied up the crew before the captain could manage to free himself and inform the diesel supplier in Singapore.
Summary: Caretaker Energy and Water Minister Gebran Bassil warned Friday that the recent Israeli discovery of a new gas field 4 kilometers away from the Lebanese coast meant Israel could easily siphon off Lebanon's gas wealth.
Chrysler Group LLC, a subsidiary of Italian company Fiat SpA (Milan:F), will recall 4,783 of its Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot crossover SUVs in China due to a defective fuel siphon that can cause the car to stall.
0 delivers an unprecedented variety of flavor profiles with record speed, consistently replicating popular brew styles from French press to siphon to pour-over, while uncovering new profiles not found anywhere else.
Siphon Feed: Siphon hookups use vacuum created at the nozzle to draw fluid from a cup.
FUEL thieves raided a haulage firm to siphon away hundreds of litres of diesel from the tanks of HGVs - the third time the company has been targeted in 18 months.
ABSTRACT The objectives of this study were to determine chemical composition of the siphon and the mantle of commercial-size geoducks clams harvested in Southeast Alaska, and to measure textural differences between the two muscle tissues, comparing them with their frozen counterparts.
The Authority is systematically rehabilitating all 40 siphon crossings in its network.
The investment provided by CO2Sense means the Saver-Siphon will now have the potential to become an integral part of all new siphon-based toilet systems or to easily replace broken siphons in existing toilets.
More than 100 people were also wounded after rushing in to siphon leaking liquid from the vehicle illegally, officials said.
Dr Stephen Hughes said he had discovered last year that the dictionary's definition of the word siphon was incorrect.