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A tarsal coalition Residual pain in the sinus tarsi after the original sprain heals can also be due to an unrecognized tarsal coalition.
Unlike routine ankle sprains where the main damaged ligaments lie right in the sinus tarsi, this one affects a ligament that is higher up, at the level of the ankle joint itself.
The problem's called sinus tarsi, an irritation of the bones around the ankle joint," explained McGinley.
The tarsal canal runs from posteromedial to anterolateral, where it opens into the sinus tarsi.
This article will present a review of the use of MRI in the evaluation of the foot, detailing bone and cartilage abnormalities as well as sinus tarsi pathology.
The cervical ligament lies in the sinus tarsi and is a strong band of collagen that connects the neck of the talus with the superior surface of the calcaneus.