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having curves


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The forms shown here echoed nature with their delicacy, their sinuousness and their ethereal blue-green glazes .
The spinning of threads is an especially apt metaphor for the twists and turns that run from one genre to another, a family whose tensile strength lies in just this sinuousness.
To these qualities were added delicacy and sinuousness for a tremendous account of the Ritual Dances from Tippett's opera The Midsummer Marriage.
I wanted to illuminate their generative rhythms, their sinuousness going on under the skin.
Indeed, Whelan's rarely-touching-the-ground sinuousness is in whispering dialogue with Allegra Kent's floating phantom in Balanchine's Ivesiana, "The Unanswered Question" section.
Vasile Vivi Dragan conjures a broad range of images, from semi-apocalyptic to summery, enhanced by a musical soundtrack that incorporates everything from medieval-flavored choruses to sensual sinuousness.
Clad in 4 inch thick stone, the bank facade is almost as shocking in its solid, rationalist monumentality as Gehry's signature sinuousness and its extreme weight and abstraction only serve to show up the flimsiness of the surrounding pastiche.