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having curves


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These measures include: (1) arc length (A1); (2) baseline length (BL1); (3) Sinuosity (Sin); (4) amplitude (Amp); and (5) area (A).
Vertical stacking of sandstones is the signature of channel bar and channel fill deposits of aggrading low sinuosity streams which migrate laterally across an alluvial plain (Gordon and Bridge, 1987).
The lake sediments were subsequently incised by meandering and low sinuosity streams (Martel and Gibling 1996).
2002) supported these findings and found that sinuosity, as a measure of channel modification, also contributed significantly to their index of habitat quality scores.
Straight line and arabesque, intention and expression, inflexibility of the will, sinuosity of the word, unity of the goal, variety of the means, all-powerful and indivisible amalgam of genius, what analyst would have the detestable courage to divide and separate you
Taking them apart, first the long backstrap, which powers their sinuosity, then the shoulders, folding back like wings, with no joint to hold them to the body, only more muscle, and then the huge hams, heavier than sacks of grain and fastened firmly with ball-and-socket, whose connective tissue must be cut; then the smaller pieces, butt steak and shanks and neck roasts.
While his 1997 Sinuosity showed promise, his Patterns, created for HB's Cullen Contemporary Dance Series last year, brought down the house.
Unfortunately, an index of path sinuosity does not really accomplish this goal.
However, recently channelized streams were characterized with no channel sinuosity, little riparian vegetation and little or no in-stream cover.
Note a curvy sinuosity that's enhanced by her wraparound enjambments, the effect of which is a melding of secular and profane rhetoric, of a kind of "pig Latin" babble and illuminated manuscript ornateness--the same mix of the demotic and hieratic we find in "The Cities.
0053, and sinuosity (length of stream/length of valley) of 1.
To quantify the sinuosity of travel, we calculated a meandering index by dividing the linear distance traveled by the total distance traveled (Hazlett, 1983) for Elimia livescens, Ligumia nasuta, and Anodonta grandis in removal experiments.