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having curves


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They believe that despite the many situational or idiosyncratic sinuosities entailed, ethnic conflict as a generic can be unpacked for analytical purposes and, as well, is subject to durable settlement.
the undulated line of the Indian watershed, with all its sinuosities, perhaps exceeds 700.
Flowing, or congealing, its substance is here repelled, there attracted, unresistingly to its place, and its languid sinuosities follow the clefts of the rock that contains them, in servile deflexion and compulsory cohesion, impotently calculable, and cold.
With its many sinuosities and steep cliffs, the Yarra survey ranked as one of his hardest surveys of all (Figure 3).
Its extraordinary fusion of stereometrical and biomorphic forms resulted from Genzken's radical decision in 1975 to deploy computer design to create the extremely elongated curves first of her Ellipsoids (1976-82) and later of her Hyperbolos (1979-83), mathematically exact sinuosities that seemed to suddenly stand the techno-scientistic Minimalist boxes on their male blockheads.
His principal distinction now lies in the division between the intellect, which organizes the flux of experience into useful but static concepts, and the faculty of intuition, which reverses this tendency of the intellect and paves the way for "fluid concepts, capable of following reality in all its sinuosities and of adopting the very movement of the inward life of things" (51).
That river in Asia Minor with its eccentric windings and sinuosities had already become a topos for visual intricacy in antiquity, and we even find it, not surprisingly, along with Daedalus's labyrinth, in a text from the fourth century C.
The confusion of end and beginning in the flow of the Meander not only resembles the back-and-forth of the labyrinth's sinuosities but the alternating swings of the geranos between left and right, death and life.
de] replis" of lines 9-10, the sinuosities described by Virgil's young Trojans and imitated here.
To extend Barthes's remarks in a somewhat different direction, Racine seems, through Phedre, to be fascinated with the formal presence of the labyrinth as a figure for the formal sinuosities of actual language.
Is the length of the coasts to be measured following the slightest sinuosities and the deepest indentations, or is it to be measured according to more or less arbitrary general directions?
250) This suggests straightening in front of the sinuosities, but not necessarily with straight baselines.
In Gulf of Maine, the Chamber added up the total relevant coastlines of Canada and the United States as measured along the coastal fronts in straight lines in a number of segments,(255) not following all their sinuosities.
Do these horticultural sinuosities reflect doubts about the dangers of solitude, `si attrayante a la premiere vue' (p.