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Synonyms for sinless

Synonyms for sinless

free from sin

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The question is that, does the society accept the sinless child?
It is all very obvious with a tendency to damage the reputation of Prime Minister and his close cooperators, and the public cannot see they are sinless, adds Rizaov.
To have no regrets means you believe you have lived a sinless life.
Holed Rock, located 3 km west of the HacbektaE- district was flocked by the Alevi citizens who believe that one became sinless and purify if get through from the rock.
The relatives of the deceased staged a protest demonstration against police Department after fake encounter and claimed that the slain person was sinless and innocent.
The overall effect was solemn and ritualistic, in keeping with Rocha Pitta's thematic recourse to the pericopae adulterae, the biblical passage that has Jesus writing on the floor before daring anyone who deems himself sinless to be the first to throw a stone at an adulterous woman.
Perhaps its unpopularity proved to the student chef who designed it that vegans are all about trying out new dishes - especially ones that not seem so sinless.
Born Sinless : Islam teaches that every human is born sinless; no one carries the burden of his or her ancestor's sins.
If there was ever some sinless prehistoric Eden, this innocence was lost long ago.
O Lord Jesus Christ who has willed that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Mother, sinless from the moment of her conception, should be glorified by countless miracles, grant that we who never cease imploring her patronage, may obtain eternal happiness with Thee, Who livest and reignest forever.
The result is choirs of angels exalting that sinless 110g/km of sootage, rewarded with a tax bill of PS20 a years.
according to sola scriptura, there is no evidence for Mary's immaculate conception, sinless purity, eternal virginity, and ascension into heaven, and no prayers of intercession to Mary or hymns to her.
For if we can be sinless and righteous by our own will, we do not need to pray as Jesus so taught his disciples in the Lord's Prayer in which we daily ask for the forgiveness of sins and not to be led into evil.
Christians fall prey to this when they view historical figures as sinless or as people to be emulated.
Quran 91: 7-10] Man is born pure and sinless and has been given the choice to do righteous deeds or indulge in sins.