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Synonyms for sinless

Synonyms for sinless

free from sin

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An effective and co-ordinate moral and political support of international community and humanitarian organizations, making Pakistani government accountable for sinless and crimeless death of innocent Hazaras might lessen the sores of the aggrieved nation.
Inspired by ancient pagan traditions, audiences can join the theatre company as it invokes the mysteries of the past as it investigates the act of transformation from a sinless girl to a murderous woman.
This life in all its magnificence, Smitten, the beholder's innocence, The purest, sinless of all things, Joyful inner inspiration brings, Nothing exists that's seen or heard I vouch this upon my solemn word, My heart melts as my soul inside, Tears of love, honour to abide, My miracle, my wondrous dawn Holding on to me, mine own newborn.
Bukhari and Muslim) This elucidates that every human being is born sinless bearing a pure nature; the evil convictions and sinful activities come later as a result of bad company and unhealthy circumstances.
Yet, in the morally-strict universe of Salama and his like-minded peers, Asma'a must emerge as the wholesome, sinless, audience-friendly Joan d'Arc and, as a result, the core argument the film presents instantly collapses.
If she read her Bible properly then she would know that Harry will already be blessed by God and all children are sinless.
Moreover, Socinians rejected the Trinity, arguing it had no Scriptural basis and that Jesus was born a man whose sinless life and eventual resurrection served as an example for all believers.
Then along came the New Testament with its sinless Son of God.
and children recite the storied sinless legacy of the trial.
A day during which one has killed others who bear the image of God is hardly perfect, holy, peaceful and sinless.
A democratic Egypt is such an inacceptable perspective for it is an existential threat to that sinless Olympian citadel called Israel.
At the age of seventeen, he published his first book, A Sinless Season (1984).
He covers Christological methods, the election of Jesus Christ, the pre-existence of Christ, the fittingness of the virgin birth, Christ and the embryo, whether Christ was sinless or impeccable, materialist Christology, and multiple incarnations.