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Synonyms for sinker

a small ring-shaped friedcake

a weight that sinks (as to hold nets or fishing lines under water)

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a pitch that curves downward rapidly as it approaches the plate

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Mr Sinker said: "He went out to speak to her, but she was running off down the road.
I can put more tension on them without moving the sinker when pitching the rig shallow.
In each of the 25 episodes of CBeebies' first ever physical game show, Swashbuckle will see four young contestants, competing in a series of physical tasks against the 'naughty pirates' led by Captain Sinker and her hapless shipmates Cook and Line, under the watchful eye of Gem and her parrot Squawk.
That sinker won't significantly affect the heron's ability to fly, but the hook or attached line may affect its ability to eat.
Volume loss of an aquaculture net pen due to current speed and linear weight of sinker ring
The department said one of the workers - a 25-year-old sinker died from his injuries on the spot, while a 26-year-old sinker and a 25-year-old electrician were taken to a hospital in the city of Ridder.
WHEN I first started fly fishing for salmon 50-plus years ago, there was only one line to use and that was a double-tapered sinker made from dressed silk.
Bend it and you have a deep fresh water fishing sinker for your tackle box.
EDtapper is a tapping unit designed for use with sinker electrical discharge machining.
Summary: It was a case of Hook, Lions and sinker as the British and Irish Lions continued their unbeaten run in South Africa.
Birds that swallow a lead sinker soon have trouble digesting food, dealing with cold weather, and avoiding predators due to muscle spasms and loss of balance that make them easy targets.
Long sonic anthems buried in monolithic mountains of riffage took me hook, line, and sinker with the first song, "Destined to Ruin.
But none of that mattered a whit, because on an evening when the Dodgers so desperately needed Lowe's sinker to be better than good, it was darn near perfect.
Be sure to note on your list whether the material is a floater or a sinker.