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Antonyms for sinkable

capable of being sunk


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Tenders are invited for Project consists of mobilization/ demobilization, videotaping of project area, bio-shell units, complete to include bio shell structure with concrete base, sinkable air feed hose, air distribution box and manifold, miscellaneous fittings, stainless steel bank clamps, ball valves, manufacturer field services, and operation and maintenance manuals, and manufacturer shop drawings, sludge removal, site work - including excavation, fill activities, road work, site piping, site electrical, sludge analyzers, blower pavilion, complete, storage building, complete, baffle curtains, complete, generator, blowers including VFD controls and other necessary appurtenances.
I recommend adding a soft and sumptuous rug, not only will this make a room feel warm and cosy, but the sinkable texture is a delightful treat against your other flooring.
Cloudy and endlessly sinkable, I could drink a bucket of this.
Many people, perhaps including some members of its crew, considered it "un sinkable.