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(of type or print) not having a blank space between lines

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We all knew the entertainer Billy Barty - the kid who started in vaudeville at 3 and amassed an incredible resume that spanned seven decades of movies, TV shows and stage performances filling two, single-spaced pages.
To be published in The Student Researcher, your abstract should be typed, single-spaced, and no more than 500 words (two sheets of paper).
By 1998, when I began to teach the course, the bibliography had grown to a thicket of single-spaced pages, the packet of readings had increased by inches, and a dozen brave students had signed up for the course.
A nurse hands a breast cancer patient a seven-page, single-spaced consent form describing the potential risks of an experimental treatment.
His long, two-page, single-spaced list of sources and authorities whom he invokes includes Genesis, Job, Mark, John, Moses, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Paul, Augustine, Thomas, the Biblia aurea, and the familiar name of Matheolus - all of whom appear at the very beginning of his work and give, as he sees it, "authenticity" to his views.
The next document is the Mayor's Executive Order #50 itself (29 pages of tiny, single-spaced type), so you can't claim you haven't seen it.
The seven-page single-spaced prospectus outlines a 50-year study that evaluates everything from genetic diversity to dirt.
Is the alternative long, single-spaced lines of text that are hard to read?
You'll need to calculate your memory requirements if you send single-spaced pages.
The campaign folks over in constituencies want programs that will impress each of their sub-groups: Mike Dukakis offers a two-page, single-spaced issue paper on Opportunity for Armenian Americans.
Camera-ready papers (maximum 12 single-spaced pages) are due at the symposium.
It got through a pair of 15-page single-spaced short stories with nary a glitch.
Earthworks and construction work for the central memory channel (ZSK) section Graz, BA71 Hort alley by Puntigamerbrcke (profile 113-129) and BA73 Bertha von Suttner bridge to Radetzky Bridge (profile 182-198) BA71 scope of construction projects (main buildings of the channel): * ZSK -Haupttrasse - channel profile single-spaced 3.
The king, alternating between expressions of sorrow, anger and fear in the three-page, single-spaced letter, accuses Netanyahu of a long series of decisions and actions that amounted to ``continued deliberate humiliation of your so-called Palestinian partners.
And so the book list on my desk stares at me as it sprawls over four single-spaced computer sheets, lumped into categories from "Activism" to "U.
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