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having a single seed

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The evolution of indehiscent (unopening) single-seeded fruits dehiscent, multiseeded fruits has apparently occurred many times among flowering plants (Stebbins 1967; Cronquist 1968; Casper and Wiens 1981; Uma Shaanker et al.
This study tests another possibility - that sibling competition arising when more than one seed germinates in the same location is an important factor selecting for single-seeded dispersal units (Casper and Wiens 1981; Casper et al.
Sibling competition does not appear to be a strong selective force in the evolution of single-seeded dispersal units in Cryptantha flava.
flava (Casper 1990); the nutlets of single-seeded dispersal units were more likely to produce successful seedlings than were the smaller nutlets of two-seeded dispersal units, but two-seeded dispersal units were more likely to generate at least one seedling.
This study is based on the assumption that the perennial species of Cryptantha having both fixed ovule abortion and single-seeded dispersal units evolved from species in which all four ovules were capable of maturing.
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