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characterized by one unified purpose

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We oppose all forms of single-mindedness and lack of communication and encourage meetings and dialogues between all people in order to reach agreements on all issues," he said.
Summary: CAIRO - Bob Bradley, the technical coach of Egypt's senior football team, asked the players to concentrate and show single-mindedness during their clash with the Central African Republic (CAR) away from home, Saturday at 4pmCLT in a 2013 African Cup of Nations qualifier.
The tragedy is the single-mindedness of a small cadre of Christians attempting to change American understanding of the history and complexity of the Middle East.
Until we develop the scientific technique for capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of Richard Branson, investment acumen of Warren Buffett or bullish single-mindedness of Alan Sugar, these centres of academia will always be responsible for implanting the spirit of enterprise in the next generation of business leaders.
It is self-evident that there isn't a single solution, but it doesn't feel like there is a single-mindedness in trying to create a set of solutions which will ease the problem.
Many Federalists, and even some moderate Democrat-Republicans, believed that Jefferson's single-mindedness about eliminating the debt was excessively severe, bordering on draconian.
Brookes' Elle is Doris Daymeets-Jane Fonda, exhibiting steel beneath the sweetness, as she takes on each fresh challenge - fighting for her (shallow and unworthy) man, then for her college place, and finally for her Delta Nu 'sister' accused of a murder she denies committing - with sheer bloody single-mindedness.
His winning mentality and single-mindedness were just what this club needed when (Irish consortium) Drumaville took over shortly before his arrival," Quinn said.
While her single-mindedness sometimes brings disaster, it also means survival.
Rove epitomizes the single-mindedness and high premium on blind loyalty in the Bush administration that have contributed to both its political successes and policymaking failures.
EVEN when he was a kid Stephen Kenny showed the same single-mindedness that has made him a top boss.
she wanders--a harbormaster who has ruined single-mindedness.
Gracq possesses more than a bit of such single-mindedness.
With perseverance and single-mindedness, this nine-year-old boy was able to succeed at what he loved to do .
On foreign policy, the Times said Koizumi ''extended his single-mindedness,'' cementing Japan's alliance with the United States after a decade in which the value of the alliance had been questioned.
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