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Synonyms for single-minded

Synonyms for single-minded



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So, as the Commonwealth Games fast approaches, his selfish and single-minded approach to his preparation should be understood by all.
Deal and Kennedy and others concerned about the issue of single-minded focus on shareholders are not closet advocates of paternalism or revisionist supporters of entitlement.
Barbara is one of the most single-minded people you're likely to encounter - but single minded in the sense that she's almost developed an allergy to forging a relationship.
A $500 million budget cap has imposed this single-minded approach to Mars studies, notes Daniel J.
REE says its advantage lies in its single-minded focus on extrusion.
The single-minded battle against tyranny, oppression, and totalitarianism is one he waged most of his life.
A little probing often creates an awareness of that diverse and fragmented thinking, and can perhaps help the members converge on a single-minded purpose that draws on everyone's best ideas.
Though they call themselves environmentalists, they are committing the cardinal ecological sin: They are marching into a complicated system-this one a complicated social, economic, and natural system--without bothering to understand it, and trying to manipulate it toward their own single-minded ends.
for it was here that single-minded foreign manufacturers were able to establish themselves as both cheaper and better builders of transportation, a perception that serves them well today at all price levels.
There is a distressing inverse symmetryto Halberstam's history: the American standard of living declined as financially-oriented bureaucrats took over power in Detroit, while the growth of Japanese industrial superiority was fueled by a single-minded desire to do a better job and a religious following of American teachings.
Lahrkamp said, "Droege's rapid expansion in North America today is driven by our clients, who demand a single-minded focus on the middle-market, hands-on approach and exceptionally quick assignment turnarounds.
MICK McCarthy today revealed the single-minded approach which means he only takes heed of criticism from within the Wolves dressing room.
Brendan is beaten, jerked around and blackmailed repeatedly, yet sticks to his investigation with humorless, single-minded doggedness.
Armstrong is portrayed as tough, single-minded, dedicated, and heroic in both his racing life and his fight against cancer.
Single-minded in its pursuit of serious experimentation, it lacks even the usual moneymaking prerequisite: a bar.
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